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Silicon Valley Power has electric rates that are very competitive with other local utilities. Plus, we're dedicated to supplying clean and reliable energy for the good of our community—and the good of our environment.

Why are Silicon Valley Power rates so low?
The California Public Utilities Commission has been setting “profitable” rates for investor-owned utilities like PG&E. Meanwhile, the City of Santa Clara has its own not-for-profit municipal electric utility, and the elected City Council oversees policy and pricing. Since SVP is not-for-profit, it is able to keep rates lower than the competition without sacrificing quality and availability.

Low rates are not the only reason to choose Silicon Valley Power. SVP also provides electricity that is highly reliable and safe for the environment. The following chart shows a rate comparison between SVP and PG&E. Also, see our power mix for the ratio of the different types of power that SVP supplies to its customers.

SVP vs. PG&E Average* Rates

CLASS OF SERVICE SVP AVG Rates as of 1/01/15 ($/kwh) PG&E Average Total Rate as of 10/01/14 ($/kwh) *** SVP Lower ($/kwh) Projected 2015 SVP Rates Lower (%)
Residential D-1
$ 0.113
$ 0.194
$ 0.081 42%
Small Commercial C-1
$ 0.170
$ 0.208
$ 0.038 18%
Large Commercial CB-1
$ 0.123
$ 0.187
$ 0.064 34%
Small Industrial CB-1
$ 0.123
$ 0.162
$ 0.039 24%
Large Industrial         CB-3
$ 0.113
$ 0.140
$ 0.027 19%

* Average rates based on estimated forecasts, including surcharges. Average rates are provided for general reference, and individual customer's average rate will depend on it’s applicable kw and kwh.  

**  This comparison does not factor in the additional user tax charge levied in most PG&E service jurisdictions (typically 5%). Santa Clara customers are not charged these additional fees. 
 *** Source: PG&E Rates Effective October 1, 2014 to Present

Rate Calculator: Calculate how much you can save by locating to the City of Santa Clara.


Last updated: 12/18/2014 10:26:48 AM